Poppyseed Cake

My dog and I met a friend at a café for second breakfast today (how very Viennese/Hobbit-like of us!), and I swore to myself that I would eat well. A roll with jam, perhaps a boiled egg — healthy(ish) and not too heavy. But then the waiter mentioned they had chocolate poppyseed cake and… well…

Schokolade-mohn kuche

Schokolade-mohn kuche

The cake was in layers, and in between each layer was a thin spread of apricot jam. The cake was covered with a rich chocolate ganache and decorated with sugared violets and whole coffee beans. I love poppyseed everything and would like to re-create this cake at home but, alas, my husband is not a fan of either poppyseed or Austrian cakes. I will have to settle for looking at this photograph and drooling.


Iced vs. Eis Kaffee

I recently took my children for ice cream, and since it was a hot day I wanted an iced coffee for myself. I ordered an “iced kaffee” but the man taking my order heard “eis kaffee,” and this is what I received:


Eis Kaffee, less the schlagobers

Eis Kaffee is a popular summertime drink in Vienna. It’s two scoops of vanilla ice cream with a cooled coffee/milk mixture poured over top, usually crowned with massive amounts of whipped cream. (The one in the picture doesn’t have the cream.) I know this sounds magically delicious but I just don’t like this drink. Next time I’ll try asking for “kaffee mit eis wuerfeln” and hope for the best.

Airport Coffee

I recently brought my husband to the airport and as he had a couple hours to kill before his flight, we parked ourselves in one of the airport cafes. I ordered a cappuccino and he ordered a mocha, and I don’t think that either of us had expectations of anything besides an extra bit of caffeine. But Vienna didn’t let us down.

Another A+ for presentation

Another A+ for presentation

I love how even what is essentially fast-food coffee is artistically presented. And they weren’t all style, either: both were fantastically delicious. Have I mentioned how much we’re going to miss Vienna’s coffeehouse culture?

Coffee break

This morning I did a test run of my Wien um 1900 walk to figure out the timing. It was a hot morning so I decided to stop at Zum Schwarzen Kameel for a cold coffee-flavored beverage. I asked for a latte with ice cubes, and this is what I was given:

A+ for presentation

A+ for presentation

I hesitated to add the ice cubes and stir, which would ruin the appearance of the drink. Alas, I did and the cold coffee hit the spot. I am going to miss the Viennese coffee culture when we return to the States.