Updated Recipe: Liptauer Bryndza-Aufstrich



150g (5.35 oz) sheep cheese
50g (1.8 oz) butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sweet paprika powder
dash of caraway seeds
2-3 spring onions, chopped

1. If you want a spread with a crumbly cottage cheese texture, strain the cheese. If you want a smoother spread, use the cheese as is.

2. Mix the cheese, butter, and salt in the work bowl of a food processer.

3.  For a more Austrian-like spread, stir the spices and onions into the cheese and butter mixture. For a more Slovakian-like spread, garnish with spices and chopped onions.


Bratislavská Reštaurácia


This picture was taken at Bratislavská Reštaurácia in Bratislava. My son is holding a blue pot of klasickou bryndzovou pomazankou, a “classic sheep cheese spread” made with paprika and green onions. The spread in and of itself was fantastic, but even better was that my children gobbled it up. I would like to learn this dish, and one of my German-language cookbooks does include this recipe. I doubt I will be able to find fresh Slovak sheep cheese when we return to the States, though, so I am going to figure out a way to recreate this dish using cheeses that are available in the States. Stay tuned!

During this same meal we also enjoyed držková polievka (tripe soup), cerstvá zemiaková placka (stuffed potato pancake), and bryndzové halušky so slaninou (sheep cheese and bacon gnocchi, aka the “Slovak national dumpling”). I don’t think we’ll be making tripe soup anytime soon, though I do have a recipe for the gnocchi/dumplings and might give them a whirl. The potato pancakes are quite similar to Austrian kartoffelnpuffer, which is a family favorite and definitely something I’ll be learning to do. So, again, stay tuned for recipes.