You know that scene in “Forrest Gump” when Bubba tells Forrest all the different ways to prepare shrimp? Well, the Gulaschmusem restaurant is a lot like that, except with gulasch. The menu lists and has pictures of gulasch made with various meats and parts of meat (chicken liver gulasch, anyone?), vegetables, fish, and rice. They even boast a sweet chocolate gulasch for dessert, which is mysteriously not pictured. I guess they want to entice the diner to order it.

Needless to say, I love this place even though it’s a vivid reminder that while I have a recipe for good gulasch (view that recipe here), I doubt my gulasch will ever be as wonderfully fantastic as that available here. I don’t think I will have quite the variety, either. For example, on my most recent visit earlier this week I enjoyed the fischgulasch:

Gulasch such as I will never make.

Gulasch such as I will never make.

My husband I and both had some of this dish and couldn’t agree on whether the base for the gravy was a fish or vegetable stock. Obviously it had paprika in it, but in what proportion to the tomato, if tomato was used at all? (I thought there was tomato, my husband didn’t.) How can I re-create a dish like this when I can’t even figure out what’s in it? This is one of the things that I will just enjoy while we are here and remember fondly.


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