Grocery Run… to Slovakia

Yesterday we found ourselves in the unfortunate situation of being out of yogurt and beer. Unfortunate in that it was an Austrian national holiday, and all the stores are closed on holidays and Sundays. The tiny groceries found at the gas stations and train stations are open, as is the large Billa at the airport, but this is no fun when there is a better alternative: driving to Slovakia!

We spent the day at the Carnuntum archeological park, walking around Roman ruins and reconstructed Roman villas. This park is very close to the Slovak border, so once we were Roman-ed out we crossed the border and headed to the closest Tesco. I am glad that we did because we were treated to delights such as this:

Self-serve bakery cart

Self-serve bakery cart

How can one resist such a sight, especially when everything in the cart was less than 1 Euro a piece? We came home with these:

Orechovnik and Makovnik Kolacky

Orechovnik and Makovnik Kolacky

These are kolacky or kolache, a sweet bread filled with fruit or nuts. The ones I chose were made with a lightly sweetened yeast bread, as opposed to pastry, and were filled with poppyseed (makovnik; top) and walnut (orechovnik; bottom). I thought they were great, but my husband thought they were so-so and my kids would not touch them, so I am not going to be making these.

We got a couple more gems, in addition to the yogurt and beer that led to the visit in the first place:

Am I the only one who thinks "Cowboy sausage" just doesn't sound right?

Am I the only one who thinks “Cowboy sausage” just doesn’t sound right?

Dancing Goat Beer! (That's how I will always think of it at any rate.)

Dancing Goat Beer! (That’s how I will always think of it at any rate.)





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