Tomatencremesuppe (tomato cream soup) is very popular here, but I had never tried a bowl before yesterday. I figured that tomato soup is familiar to me thanks to Campbells, and it would be a waste to order a bowl of soup that I already know when I could try something new. After a terrific morning at the military history museum yesterday I headed to Arsenalstuben, a restaurant located in a different part of the armory. I ordered the set lunch menu, which began with a bowl of tomatencremesuppe.

Where have you been my whole life??

Where have you been my whole life??

Wow. I know it sounds completely cliche, but I felt like it was the first time that I ever had tomato cream soup. It had bits of vegetables and herbs in it, which gave it a different texture than what I’m used to. It was also tangy, to the point where I would not have been surprised to learn that it had paprika and/or cheese in it. It was the most wonderful bowl of tomato soup that I have ever had.

I’ve researched recipes for this soup and found two wildly different recipes that I am going to prepare for a tomato cream soup taste-off this weekend. The first has only two tablespoons of broth, a lot  of cream, and some garlic and paprika to add some interesting flavor. (That’s my theory at least.) The second has about two cups of broth and a smaller amount of cream, but the recipe begins by telling you to fry onions in butter. You can’t go wrong there.

Stay tuned to see which recipe “won” the taste off, though I suspect both will have a delicious yield.


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