My parents are visiting and as they’ve never been to Vienna before, we started the week with a bus tour. Staying with the “tourist” theme, we headed to Wienerwald restaurant in the 1st district for lunch. It’s one of those restaurants where the menus are in multiple languages and have pictures. While it isn’t high cuisine, it does serve traditional Viennese dishes. Oh, and my kids love it.

Tessiner Rösti

Tessiner Rösti

I don’t know what compelled me to order such a heavy dish as we were sitting in an un-air conditioned restaurant in 97-degree heat, but oddly enough I am glad I did as it was pretty tasty. The dish is a chicken filet covered with pepper cream sauce, mushrooms, and fried onions, and served with tomatoes and rösti.

Rösti are fried potato pancakes, and I must admit that I did not know what differentiated them from kartoffelpuffer (see my recipe for those here). I did some Googling and learned that rösti are Swiss and are never made with eggs or flour, as kartoffelpuffer are. Hmmm… I could not taste an appreciable difference between rösti and kartoffelpuffer, but that may be because the sauce was so overpowering.

I plan to recreate this dish at home in the near future, maybe even with rösti instead of kartoffelpuffer if I’m feeling really industrious. Stay tuned.


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