Ćevapčići straight off the grill

The first time I had Ćevapčići I was in Sarajevo and I just assumed they are a Bosnian thing, or perhaps a Balkan thing. I was thus quite surprised by their popularity in Vienna: they can be found in street stands, pre-made in the grocery store, and in some restaurants. In fact, the picture in the header of this blog features Ćevapčići that we enjoyed at Schweizerhaus.

I purchased some of the aforementioned pre-made Ćevapčići at the grocery store and we grilled them this past weekend, which brought the subject to the front of my mind. I did a little research and discovered that Ćevapčići are considered Bosnia and Herzegovina’s national dish, but they are also popular throughout southeast Europe. More importantly, I found some recipes for them.

Ćevapčići with lescó and lángos

Ćevapčići with lescó and lángos

To recreate the above-pictured meal at home, check out my recipe for lescó, recipe for lángos, and stay tuned for a Ćevapčići recipe.



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