Staroslovenská krčma

One more story about our day trip to Bratislava, and I have to say that I saved the best for last: what we ate while there! It was difficult to choose where we wanted to have lunch because all the restaurants boasted “traditional Slovak food” with pictures to make your mouth water. We settled on the Staroslovenská krčma  because it had a large suit of armor in front and we like shiny things.

Deciding what to eat was a grueling ordeal because first, the menu was in seven languages. I know it sounds odd, but it was kind of difficult to consistently read the English description because my eyes kept jumping around all the languages. (I don’t think it’s because I am an illiterate freak because my friends said they had the same problem.) Second, there was also the problem of the aforementioned mouth-watering pictures. How do you choose just one meal?

As it turns out, I chose two meals. I thought I ordered a starter and main but no, it was two full meals. This was the first:

Diabolská topinka Želibor

Diabolská topinka Želibor

Devil toast. This is a slice of bread covered with grilled vegetables (or possibly lecso), grilled pork, cheese, spicy peppers (hence “devil”), and some sort of spicy delicious gravy. I wish I knew exactly how to make this dish as it was one of the best things I’ve eaten in awhile (and I eat a lot). Maybe I will return to this in the fall, when I have more time to experiment.

Next up was:

Bryndzové Pirohy s kyslou smotánou, slániná

Bryndzové Pirohy s kyslou smotánou, slániná

Sheep cheese-filled pierogi with sour cream and large chunks of crisp, delicious bacon on the side. The Austrians have a version of pierogi that they call “Kärntner Kasnudeln” that they serve with a butter sauce. It is absolutely delicious and thus pierogi were already on my “to learn” list, but this meal in Bratislava bumped them up higher in priority. These pierogi were filled with paprika-spiced sheep cheese and were soooo gooood. Experimentation will commence soon.


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