Bratislavské rožky

My friends and I did a day trip to Bratislava, and we spent a majority of our time there either eating or buying Slovakian food to bring home and eat later. One could say that was my bad influence…

Our explorations led us to Obchod v múzeu. We were initially attracted to the shop because its sign claimed it was the oldest shop in the city. The shop, however, is better described as one third Slovak handicrafts and one third Slovak pastries and wine for sale, and one third museum. The museum portion exhibited a large number of old school cash registers and commercial products, and looked like this:

A blast from the past

A blast from the past

The owners must have sensed our true nature because on our way out the door, one of them held up a crescent shaped pastry and asked if we’ve ever heard of Bratislavské rožky. He said it is a very traditional and popular Slovak pastry that can be filled with either walnuts or poppyseed. You don’t have to tell me twice to try a new type of pastry, so I dutifully bought a bag of the poppyseed ones to try at home.

Bratislavské rožky

Bratislavské rožky

I am glad that we did as they were utterly delicious. I thought that they were almost exactly like the Waldviertler mohnzelten that I made for my friends’ visit (see the recipe for those here), but alas they are not. The recipe for the Slovak version uses buttermilk in the dough, and not potatoes. The rest of the recipe looked somewhat similar. I might try to make these one day in the future, though they’re not high on my “to try” list.


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