I’ve never been a fan of pea soup. I have tried it on several occasions and found everything about it revolting, from the color to the taste. Then I went to Restaurant Noir and ate entire dinner in the dark. I swore up and down that I ate a peanut/coconut milk soup with shrimp: the base was sweet and creamy, and the soup had a taste of peanut butter to it. I was shocked to learn that I had actually eaten a bowl of Erbsencremesuppe (cream of pea soup).

Yesterday I brought my visiting friends to the 1516 Brewing Company for lunch and ordered the set lunch menu. To my dismay, this was the first course:

Erbsensuppe mit Wurstel

Erbsencremesuppe mit Wurstel

I put aside my dismay and took a bite, and was once again shocked by Austrian pea soup. This soup tasted quite similar to the soup I’d eaten at Restaurant Noir: sweet, creamy, with a hint of peanut butter. I enjoyed this bowl of pea soup as much as the other one, so much so that I plan to find a recipe for Erbsencremesuppe and try to make a pot of it in between sets of visitors.


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