A little bucket o' lard

A little bucket o’ lard

The name of this product translates to “Grandma’s Lard.” Intellectually I know this means lard like your grandmother uses in her home cooking, but I can’t help but to think of lard from grandma. You know how in “Fight Club” they collected the fat from the liposuction clinic, then turned it into soap and sold it back to the rich ladies? Yes, lovely visual as you eat anything that I’ve made using this product.

And believe me, I’ve come to use this product in more cooking than you’d think! It was the key to bringing my potato salad from good to great, and it is the (not so) secret ingredient that I believe made my sauerkraut salat so good. I am going to start to use it to grease my pudding tins once I’ve run out of suet, and it may find its way into my next pastry crust. I will neither confirm nor deny, considering I want people to actually eat what I make without worrying about what’s in it.

Ah, the joys of lard. One more happy lesson I will take away from our time in Austria.


One thought on “Schmalz

  1. Small Gastehaus’ used to serve Schmalz in a ceramic pots (topfen) for spreading on bread. I remember some added flavoring, probably herbs snd salt. I’m still carrying Germany around my middle but it was Worth It!

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