Yes, it is true that sauerkraut is very popular in Austria. It appears on countless menus and is served many ways, from straight, undressed sauerkraut to sauerkraut that’s been boiled in broth with vegetables and spices. There are even large, three-foot tall self-serve barrels of fresh sauerkraut in some of the grocery stores, should you want an alternative to the ubiquitous seal-packed bags of white and red sauerkraut.

My husband and I love sauerkraut and so I’ve researched how to make it at home. I have a large jar fermenting on my kitchen counter at the moment, and it should be ready to eat in early July. I’ve also found a recipe for cooked sauerkraut, in which I intend to use some of my homegrown product. If all goes well with the fermenting and cooking, I will share the how-to and recipe here. For your enjoyment in the meantime:

Die Krautsoelde

Die Krautsoelde

We recently visited the Salzburger Freilichtmusem, a large outdoor museum that allows the visitor to experience what life was like on a traditional farm from this part of Austria. One of the items on display was this sauerkraut barrel/well. This is a barrel that was buried a little over 13 feet deep in the ground to keep the sauerkraut from spoiling and protect it from frost in the winter. My love of kraut is not that extreme, but I found this quite interesting nonetheless.



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