Cafe Mozart

On our final night in Salzburg we broke our pattern and had dinner at a non-beer affiliated restaurant: Cafe Mozart. Just to be zany, we also ate something other than dark meat in a heavy gravy/sauce accompanied by something equally heavy and/or fried. We didn’t even have a beer!

Not pork or beef!

Neither pork nor beef.

I had a salad topped with lightly fried Styrian chicken and dressed with pumpkinseed oil. The chicken was some of the softest and juiciest that I’ve ever had, which perhaps is a hallmark of Styrian chicken? I see signs in a lot of the take away restaurants that specialize in deep fried delicacies proclaiming they offer “Steirischer backhendl” (Styrian fried chicken), and maybe this is why.

No matter. This is the true reason we chose to have dinner at this particular cafe:

Salzburger Nockerl

Salzburger Nockerl

Immortalized in the operette “Saison in Salzburg”, Salzburger Nockerl are “Süß wie die Liebe und zart wie ein Kuss” (“sweet as love and tender as a kiss”). Their words, not mine… but I agree! Nockerl are egg souffles served straight from the oven and this particular version was baked over red currant compote. As the serving bowl got emptier, three of the four of us began to fight over the remnants. It was that good, and I plan to attempt this at home in the near future.

And thus concludes my reminisces about all the great food that we ate during our recent vacation. I plan to resume trying to re-create Austrian dishes that I’ve enjoyed, and sharing my results here. Maybe I’ll be cooking with a liter of Stiegl in my hand.


3 thoughts on “Cafe Mozart

  1. I Love your Blog! And I’m so glad you and the Fam are having such a wonderful time and experiences! Love to all, Cheryl Geddes.

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