Bankhammer’s Bräustüberl

Every night that we were in the Salzburg area, save one, we had dinner at a bier haus. “Another night, another brewery” but in the best possible sense. After driving through the Bavarian “hills” we stopped in Berchtesgaden to have a meal at Bankhammer’s Bräustüberl/Hofbrauhaus Berchtesgaden. We tried several liters of their various brews and enjoyed every last one, lamenting that we wished we had a car with a bigger trunk so we could bring some home.



I ordered “bierochse in dunkler Biersosse mit gerösteten Breznknödel” for dinner. Until five minutes ago I would have said this dish is a pot roast cooked in and served with a gravy made with dark beer, accompanied by pretzel dumplings. When I searched for a translation for “bierochse,” however, I discovered that it’s actually an ox stew as opposed to (beef/cow) pot roast. Ooops.

Either way, this was a fantastically delicious meal. I think that I can re-create it by using my normal pot roast recipe, substituting part (or all) of the beef stock with dark beer. I am not sure that I will go the extra mile and also substitute the beef with ox meat, though. I have friends coming for a visit in a few weeks and they will be my guinea pigs as I test this theory. Stay tuned.


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