Cafe Sacher

It rained and was in the high 40s/low 50s the entire time we were in Salzburg. After a two-hour, water-logged guided tour of the city via minivan and boat, we decided to warm ourselves up with lunch at Cafe Sacher.



No sight is more welcome on a cold and grey afternoon than a hot bowl of soup. (This is the recipe that I use to make gulaschsuppe.) Oh, wait: I can think of a sight more welcome than soup on any afternoon, grey or not:

Sacher torte & melange

Sacher torte & melange

Wiener Melange is a popular coffee drink throughout Austria; it’s similar to, but not quite, a cappuccino. I am not quite sure what differentiates a melange from a cappuccino other than, according to Wikipedia, it is made with milder coffee. Whatever the difference, it is a tasty treat and nice accompaniment to a slice of rich Sacher torte.

Sacher torte is a chocolate layer cake. There is apricot jam in between the layers, and the whole is encased with a rich chocolate ganache. It is usually served with fresh, unsweetened cream (“schlagobers”) to cut the richness of the cake. I have a couple recipes for this cake, and my husband bought me the cake form and slicing guides to make layer cakes such as this. One day…


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