Gasthaus Vinothek Häfei

Oh, the joys of Austrian soup. I’ve had many meals that have consisted of nothing more than a bowl of soup, a roll, and a glass of beer, and these meals have always been enough to satisfy me. Case in point: our recent lunch at Gasthaus Vinothek Häfei in Großgmain, just outside Salzburg. My son and I each ordered a bowl of soup (he did not get any beer, to his dismay), and we were both full until dinner time.

Rindsuppe mit Speckknödel

Rindsuppe mit Tiroler Speckknödel

I had rindsuppe mit speckknödel, which is a hearty beef stock with a speck-filled dumpling. I will admit that I was not sure what differentiated “speck” from “schinken” as it is my understanding that both words mean “ham.” I did some Googling and it appears that “schinken” refers to ham in general, whereas “speck” refers specifically to a type of smoked ham that comes from the Tyrol region of Austria.

Rindsuppe mit frittaten

Rindsuppe mit frittaten

My son had rindsuppe mit frittaten, which is the same hearty beef stock (presumably) with frittaten. I’ve seen frittaten that look kind of like soup noodles but denser, but these (and the ones in other soups that we had in Salzburg) looked more like shredded pancakes. Some more Googling revealed that frittaten can indeed be slivers of crepe or slices of pancake that are added to soup just before serving. I have a couple different recipes for frittaten and will try to make this soup soon.


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