A Pretzel By Any Other Name

Pretzels are quite popular in Vienna: they are on the menu in many of the heurigen and breweries, and are available in a lot of the bakeries and street stands. To my surprise, pretzels are even more popular in the area around Salzburg. The breweries that we visited and several take away stands even had a special rack to display pretzels, and I saw a couple street stands devoted solely to pretzels.

Mohn Brezel

Mohn Brezel

This past Sunday we went to “Die Salzburger Dult,” a folk festival reminiscent of the county fairs that we have in Virginia. The festival had one of the aforementioned pretzel stands, where I discovered my new favorite pretzel: mohn brezel (poppyseed pretzel). I think it was normal pretzel dough that had been buttered, sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon, and poppyseed, formed into a pretzel shape, and baked. It was so, so good and I am now more determined than ever to learn to make pretzels from scratch.

On a side note, all of the “normal” plain pretzels that we ate in the Salzburg area (and that was many) had caraway seeds in the dough. I know this is sometimes the case with the pretzels here in Vienna, but I don’t think it’s as common. I’m not a huge fan of the caraway seed but my kids are, so once I learn how to do a basic pretzel I will start experimenting with different varieties to include caraway and poppyseed. I hope to do this in the near future, so stay tuned for a base recipe.


2 thoughts on “A Pretzel By Any Other Name

  1. I loved the variety of pretzels in Vienna and especially enjoyed the beautiful displays in the pretzel stands. It was so hard to decide which one I wanted, similar to the tortes at Aida! If you have a good recipe for the classic Viennese pretzel, I would love to try it out!

    • I don’t have a recipe for a Viennese pretzel. I’ve always used the basic recipe found in “Joy of Cooking” and altered it so it’s more “Austrian” (i.e., adding caraway seed to the dough, coating the dough with milk and poppyseed before baking, and so forth). ichkoche.at and gutekueche.at are both good sources for Austrian recipes.

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