S’Paletti Cafe Bistro

Today we returned from our five-day trip to the Salzburg area, where we ate a lot of new and delicious food. I have a lot of restaurants and dishes to write about, complete with what my husband refers to as my “food porn” (pictures of the food). I also purchased an English-language book on baking Austrian pastries and desserts. We ate so much meat in such great quantities that we are only eating vegetables for the next several days to balance it out, but then I am going to hit the kitchen and try out some new recipes.

So, I will start at the beginning because that’s a very good place to start. (I promise that will be my only cheesy “Sound of Music” reference.) We arrived in Salzburg around lunch time and after checking in to our hotel, we had lunch at a nearby cafe called S’Paletti Cafe-Bistro. It was a small cafe with a limited menu (and I can’t find a website for it), but the food was terrific. I had the maultaschen geroestet mit ei:



I had no idea what exactly this was, other than it was fried with an egg. It turned out to be a pierogi-like dough that (I am guessing) is rolled flat, filled, rolled into a “log” and cut into slices (like cinnamon rolls), and fried with onions and eggs. I am not sure what it was filled with other than a green vegetable of some sort: perhaps finely shredded spinach? This meal was very, very good and I will be searching for maultaschen recipes. Stay tuned!



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