Lichtenthaler Bräu

Today I met my husband for lunch at the Lichtenthaler Bräu, a local brewery and restaurant. I tried their Belgian-style ale, which was pretty good and went well with my meal. Sorry, I don’t know much beer lingo so I cannot describe beer much beyond “good” and “not good.”

Many restaurants in the city offer lunch-time “menus,” which is what we would call a set meal. You can choose to have either two or three courses (i.e., whether you want a soup or dessert, or both), and often times you have a choice between two mains. The menus are generally inexpensive, or as close to it as you can get in Vienna, so I choose them whenever they’re offered.

Today’s lunch began with a bowl of mushroom cream soup. I’ve yet to have a bowl of bad mushroom soup here, and this soup did not prove to be an exception. I am definitely going to find a recipe for this soup. In case you are wondering, no, not every Austrian soup is vegetable- and cream-based; those are just the ones that I enjoy the most.

Paprika-Zucchini Strudel

Paprika-Zucchini Strudel

I chose the pepper and zucchini strudel as my main, and I am so glad that I did. I generally enjoy savory vegetable strudels (spinach and cheese is a big one here), but this one had the bonus of being topped with a cheese sauce. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make strudels for a long time since my husband is ga-ga over apple strudel, and my desire to re-create this meal might finally give me the impetus that I need to finally start trying.

The meal ended with a palatschinken (crepe) filled with apricot marmalade and topped with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar. After my fantastic lunch at Häuserl am Roan I’d decided that I need to learn how to make crepes, and this simple yet fantastic dessert has confirmed this as a “must do.” So, in short, I need to get cracking on my strudel- and crepe-making. This should be a fun challenge.



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