Corvinus – Étterem Sopron

When we visited Sopron, Hungary over the weekend, we had a fantastic lunch at Corvinus restaurant. My understanding is that the restaurant is named after the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus in honor of his stay at a building located on this site back in the mid-1400s. Enough history, though: let’s talk food.

Erős Pista and bread

Erős Pista and bread

After we ordered, we were greeted with a basket of bread and a pot of erős pista, a spicy chili pepper paste/spread. I first encountered this paste in Budapest and enjoyed it so much that I made a note of what it was called. At the time I thought it was for eggs since it was part of the breakfast buffet, but Saturday’s meal proved that it goes well with everything. I am definitely learning how to make this.

Gypsy skewer

Gypsy skewer

I ordered a dish whose name was translated to “barbecued gypsy skewers” on the menu. Intellectually I know that it meant barbecue skewers gypsy-style and not a skewer of barbecued gypsy, but I found the translation so amusing that I ordered the dish. I am glad that I did because it was delicious! It was grilled pork and ham with lecsó (a vegetable stew with tomato, onion, pepper, and lard) on top. Lecsó is another dish that I think would go well with most everything, and I am going to learn it as well.

Between our visit to the bakery and lunch, I got to try several new things that I now want to learn to make. We should visit little Hungarian towns and villages more often. Hmmm… I’ve heard rumors of a gypsy restaurant somewhere in the Hungarian countryside…


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