Restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph

We had Mother’s Day brunch at Restaurant Kronprinz Rudolph in Hotel Stefanie, Vienna’s oldest hotel. The brunch was served buffet-style, and I wish I had a picture of the spread because it was plentiful and beautifully presented. This was a really nice venue, though, and I was afraid that taking a picture of the buffet would be tacky. Instead, I took pictures of my food once I got back to my table. Much classier!

Mixed starters

Mixed starters

The larger plate contains spargel terrine (asparagus terrine), gebeizt und geraeuchert Fische (stained and smoked fish), Kalb pastete und mousse (veal pate and mousse), schmankerl aus dem “Vulcano-Land” (delicacies from “volcano land” — I have no idea what exactly this implies), and heringssalate (herring salad).  They were all delicious, but I honestly don’t see myself making any of these at home.



This was not all that I had for dessert, but it was what I enjoyed most: erdbeerknödel in Walnussbröseln, mit Pistaziensosse (strawberry dumplings in walnut crumbs with pistachio sauce). Knödel are quite popular here and filled with all sorts of fruit; we’ve had the apricot version before and really liked it. This is a dessert that I will be learning how to make, though not with the sauce as it tastes just as good with ice cream.




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