Bioladen im G’machl/Tirolerhof

One of my favorite things about visiting the Schönbrunn zoo is the Tirolerhof. The Tirolerhof is the location of a farm house from the Austrian Alpine region of Tirol that was disassembled, transported to the zoo, and reassembled. It serves as a living museum: the rooms are set up as they would be in a typical farm house of the region, and the inside and outside stalls house rare breeds of animals from Tirol.

The farm house at Tirolhof.

The farm house at Tirolhof.

The best part, of course, is the farm shop (Bioladen im G’machl) that sells cured meats, cheese, brötchen sandwiches, baked goods, and beverages from Tirol. We had lunch there yesterday and I’ve discovered two more things that I want to learn how to make.

Powidl topfen kuchen.

Powidl topfen kuchen.

The first is powidl topfen kuchen, a cake made with powidl and topfen. Powidl is kind of like plum jelly, except it is made without adding sugar or pectin (or other gelling agents). It sounds like you boil fresh, late-season plums for hours until they get thick. I want to learn to make this preserve for its own sake, and to re-create this cake. Topfen is a type of cottage cheese that is used in a lot of desserts here. Wikipedia says it is similar to paneer, which I know how to make, so I am a third of the way to knowing how to make this cake.

Mohn zelten.


Next we have mohnzelten, which are poppyseed-filled bread. Wikipedia says that the bread is made with potato dough, which surprised me because I’ve always thought of the bread as a cross between pretzel and sweet bread. This is one of my favorite snacks that I have discovered here, and the way my family gobbled this up yesterday suggests they would not be adverse to me learning how to make them.

Stay tuned for recipes!


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