1516 Brewing Company

Last night we had dinner at the 1516 Brewing Company, whose claim to fame is their “self-made” unfiltered beers. Rightly so! My husband had a wooden cask-matured IPA and I had a Bavarian-style Weisse beer. I don’t know enough beer lingo to comment on the beers other than to say they were mighty delicious and we need to drink more of them.

I had the brewer’s gulasch with braumalz nockerl (brew malt nockerl). Nockerl are little pasta-potato dumplings: what the Italians call gnocchi, except they are generally smaller than gnocchi here. The version that I had looked a lot like spätzle, in fact, but nockerl differ from spätzle because they are made with cooked potatoes and have no milk. My husband really liked the nockerl so I will hunt down a recipe and try to recreate the dish, though I am not quite sure how they incorporate the malt into the dough.

We both thought the gulasch was one of the best that we’ve had. It didn’t have a lot of “saft” (literally “juice” but we’d call it gravy), but the meat was still fork-tender and the paprika flavor was prominent. This reminded me once again how I have been repeatedly foiled in my attempts to make a hearty, Austrian-style gulasch but I will keep trying.

Tomorrow night I am going to try (yet another!) gulasch soup and maybe this will result in a recipe worth sharing. Fingers crossed.

Weisse beer, nockerl, and gulasch at 1516.

Weisse beer, nockerl, and gulasch at 1516.



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