What’s it all about?

My youngest child is starting Kindergarten this week and everyone keeps asking me, “what are you going to do with your new free time?” After much hemming and hawing, I came up with the most obvious solution: I’ll write an Austrian/central European cook book.

What, that’s not obvious? My family is enjoying the local food and I enjoy cooking. So far, so good. I have two English language cook books with Austrian recipes, neither of which truly reproduce the wonderful food. I also have German language cookbooks on Austrian, Slovakian, and Czech cooking that use metric measures. Converting recipes into English and American measures while I cooking isn’t practical, so I’ll just write my own cook book, dammit!

How, you ask? In three easy steps (I love my lists):

  1. Go to restaurants and when I find a food we especially like, write down the German name, make notes on its flavors, and photograph it.
  2. Search for a recipe, translate it into English, convert measurements into American standard, and cook it, tweaking the recipe until it tastes like we remember it.
  3. Publish the finished recipes here and compile them into a Shutterfly recipe album (hence the photographs).

Wanna play? When I publish a recipe, try it out. Tell me what you think of the taste and, if necessary, give me a reality check such as “we can’t buy that ingredient in the States” or “cooking time in a non-convection oven is actually (x).” You know you want to.


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